Monday, 25 February 2013

Vintage Shopping en València

While spending a few months in Valencia, it would only be right that I peruse the cobbled streets in search of some vintage treasure. So grabbing my friend El, we went on a last minute shopping spree.........

And oh, were we not disappointed.

First stop: Lavespa Roja

If you're a big lover of 70s-80s-90s clothes then this is definitely the place for you (or even for fancy dress). With racks of crazy silk shirts and sparkly dresses this shop gives off a FUN vintage vibe. 

Like all good vintage shops there was a great display of clothes. If you're in need of a leather/denim jacket this is definitely the place to come. As there's LOADS and most of them are really cheap. Plus, they're currently having a 50% sale so if you're lucky enough to live nearby pop in!!!

There's also a great selection of hats and scarves so you can keep covered up during this cold snap.

Next stop: SoHo del Carmen

This was without a doubt the highlight of the day. Set back off one of the squares, this shop was literally crammed with vintage clothes, jewellery, trinkets galore. The huge line of fur coats instantly grabbed my attention!!!

Priced between €15 and €200 - there's something for all purse sizes. Having wanted to purchase such a coat for aaaaaaaaages, I will definitely be revisiting in the hope of snapping something up in my size. FINGERS CROSSED.

The selection of jewellery was also amazing, with loads of brooches and earrings for only €5. Perfect for Ving-UP any outfit. And a good idea for future birthday gifts!!!

So whether you're situated in Valencia, London, Cardiff etc. make sure to locate your nearest vintage store and occasionally pop in - or even find one on your travels. 

AND FINALLY: My buy of the day has to go to DUM DUM DUM.......Lavespa Roja. Purely because of the amazing sale they had in store, where I managed to pick up this beautiful jacket for only €6!!! Perfect for going out, or dressing up an outfit. 


       (and I grabbed the cute little bag from Sfera for €15.99)  

Vintage Locker

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Welcome to The Vintage Locker!!!

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So relax, 

drink some tea, 

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