Thursday, 28 March 2013


While I know winter still appears to be clinging on in the UK, myself and a friend are heading to Valencia's beaches this weekend!!! (Sorry to rub it in)

So in order to shed those winter blues and get you starting to look forward to a (hopefully) scorching summer, I've looked up some lovely swimwear for when we all start hitting the beach :)

Left to right:
Cream Scallop Textured Swimsuit, Topshop, £36
Blue Porcelain Floral Bikini, Topshop, £30
Navy Floral Twist Swimsuit, Dorothy Perkins, £26
Anchor Bandeau Bikini, Miss Selfridge, £26
Motel Twister Bandeau Bikini, Motel Rocks, £32
Motel Minties 50s Style Halterneck Bikini, Motel Rocks, £32
Boutique Navy Red and White Stripe Halterneck Bikini, New Look, £19.99

Here's hoping Spring arrives soon..........

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Monday, 25 March 2013

Anna Karenina

Knowing nothing about this film apart from it being a tragedy I entered the cinema ready to ball my eyes out and........ not a tear was shed. 

Unfortunately I've yet to read the book, but I'm guessing Joe Wright's adaptation doesn't do it justice. 

While Joe Wright produces an aesthetically pleasing film with its theatrical style, beautiful dresses and amazing music. My initial reaction was: WHAT IS GOING ON?!?! Numerous revolving scenes and random dances really detract from the storyline, so I spent the first few minutes just trying to concentrate on where we were going. The theatrical-ness (if that's a word) of the film also meant I found it hard to connect with the characters - hence the lack of expected tears. 

But, storyline aside...



The outfits are beeeeeeautiful. 
And you can't help being slightly jealous every time Keira walks out in a new fantastic frock. 

AND the music was also incredible. If you listen to the link below you can see what a wonderful job Dario Marianelli did <3

To do list:
Read Anna Karenina!!!

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Thursday, 14 March 2013


Inspired by my last post (Dear Mum...) I've decided to dedicate this post to......... BROOCHES!!!

While you may instantly be conjuring up images of our old Queenie and her great love affair with pins,  
I think brooches should begin to join the ranks of standard everyday jewellery.

Whether they're worn as OTT additions to a top or as a decorative head piece, brooches should definitely be a must have accessory to glitz up any outfit. As these lovely ladies show, their vintage brooches add a perfect touch of glamour. 

So if you fancy adding a bit of sparkle to your life, here's a few little pins I found that are currently knocking about the highstreet: 

1. Large Drop Crystal Brooch, H.Samuel, £17.99
2. Crystal and Purple Enamel Hummingbird Brooch, Debenhams, £12
3. Peony Sparkle Brooch, Accessorize, £10
4. Alice Joseph Vintage Sherman Diamant√© Brooch, John Lewis, £138
5. Eclectica 1980s Gold Plated Penny Farthing Brooch, John Lewis, £55
6. Bow Crystal Brooch, Cath Kidston, £22

And as it seems winter is refusing to let way for Spring, these few pieces should hopefully brighten up your coat on a cold morning :). 

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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Dear Mum.....

To celebrate Mother's Day Voutique and Candypout have asked bloggers to create a heart-felt post celebrating their Mum and revealing what special vintage items they have inherited. 

Hence I’ve decided to dedicate a little post to my mum as a huge thank you for all she’s done for me over the past few years (and I’ve sent a few little things for you in the post too Mum!!!).

My mother is without a doubt my greatest inspiration, best friend, and constant advisor. Without whom I would never have achieved half the amazing things I've managed to achieve and overcome so far in my life.

University (twice), living abroad, break-ups, proms, illness, travelling etc. you've helped me through it all and for that I am eternally grateful.

Unfortunately I wasn't one of those children who snook into their mother's wardrobe, stealing shoes, lipstick and clothes. Instead, I was apparently renowned for preferring to don my 'birthday suit' - sorry Mum!!! However I have been lucky enough to receive some lovely vintage trinkets and fashion advice from my mother over the years. 

My most prized vintage piece that I have inherited from my Mum is this beautiful Venetian mirror:

Bought by my Great-Grandmother in Venice, this mirror echoes family history, travel and beauty. Whenever I use it to get ready it always inspires me to look fabulous. And the fact that three generations of my family have used it, means it definitely holds a special place on my dressing table. 

Mum’s Quote: A brooch or scarf can dress up the most boring of outfits’

My mother LOVES her brooches – and I have definitely been known to steal them (previously for my dolls, and now) to add a bit of sparkle to my look. Be it on a scarf, coat or cardigan my mother will rarely leave the house without a little bit of glitz. A tip that I've most definitely stolen. 

Though the greatest gift that my mother and I still share has to be our <3 of books.

Since she was little, every Christmas my grandmother would always buy my mum a Rupert Annual. A tradition that was kindly passed down to me, and a collection to which I have continued to add. I LOVE my Rupert Books far too much and they’re definitely the highlight of my Christmas morning. Even now we still root through vintage stores together trying to pick up old annuals. 

Mum (if you're reading this) I'm sorry I can't be home for Mother's Day this year, but know that I'm missing you terribly. You've been my rock (especially over the past year) and I hope that this post goes a little way to showing how incredibly grateful I am each day for knowing you and being your daughter. 

Thank you for being the most amazing, beautiful, wonderful mother I could have ever asked for. But most of all thank you for making me, me. 

Love you millions Mum

Happy Mother's Day!!!