Monday, 8 April 2013

Lancôme La Base Pro

Having spent more than I've possibly ever spent on a single make-up product this weekend, I felt I had to share the wonders of my new purchase.

Having most definitely not been graced with flawless skin, I got extremely excited when I discovered primer. I'm useless at make-up hence I'd never heard yet alone used any before. Designed to cover up pores, present a smooth flawless finish and keep your make-up on I was definitely keen to discover whether it actually worked or whether I was about to part with my pennies for just a fancy bottle. 

The woman did a quick display in the shop using the product on her hand (but to be honest I couldn't tell the difference). So I popped on home and decided to use it for a night out - desperately hoping for some miraculous results. 

And low and behold it actually worked!!!

Unfortunately my camera's not good enough to do a before and after shot, but I have definitely made this a new addition to my make-up bag.

I bought Lancôme La Base Pro  for £28.

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