Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Tipsy Tea Cups

Having recently discovered this company on Twitter, I got ridiculously excited when they wrote to me asking me to blog about them. 

'A fusion of old and new, tea and cocktails.'

Finding beautiful teacups, and sturdy wine glasses, they bind the two to create the perfect combination of: wine and tea :) Perfect for a relaxing cup of tea, or glass of wine, TTC also suggests using them for: a tea light holder, soup starter, desserts or simply decoration. They're also ideal for any wedding or fancy dinner party you may be planning.

Priced from around £19 for a single cup or £100 for a set, they are a bit pricey.
But would definitely make a perfect gift or decoration, so if you can afford it I think they're definitely worth it. 
Just don't smash them!!!

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Vintage Locker


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